Dolores Domingo

foundress of our community, was born in 1913 in the province of Aragon in Spain, in the heart of a very Christian family. Her missionary and contemplative inspirations were nourished with her close participation in Catholic Action Associations. Her charisma was implanted as she closely contemplated the poor suffering and experienced God´s loving mercy for them.

She was outstanding in approaching all human realities with authentic generosity, simplicity and compassion.

She guided her new community of women religious to districts overwhelmed with deep poverty and suffering. She travelled constantly to open new mission sites and to support new ministries.

Liborio Portolés

Fader Liborio Portolés, a Piarist Father, member of the Clerical Religious Order founded in the XVII century by St. Joseph Calasanz, was born in Aragon, at 15 year of age in 1918 he entered the novitiate and was ordained a priest in 1926

He supported the Missionary Sisters of Jesus, Mary and Joseph since their early beginnings, and made his own the charisma of the congregation. He dedicated himself totally to the ministry of evangelization and human outreach in the outskirts of Madrid, Puente de Toledo district. He is still greatly remembered among the people for his outstanding dedication, compassion and constant pastoral services.

He was a great support in the beginnings to Mother Dolores and also to the first missionary sisters of JMJ. He passed away in 1970