Missionary Sisters JMJ

Within the Missionary Sisters there are different forms of commitment: women religious, and lay associates sharing the same charism
We aspire to reflect God´s merciful love to all those we serve, by being present and offering caring service in their need.

As a missionaries our way of life is to follow Christ, who when around doing good and announcing God’s merciful love as Good News to the poor and to all in need. He became one of us, touching men and women in his time; and laid down his life for all of us. As communities and groups of the MJMJ, we want to reveal God’s mercy to all those we serve.

Our mission unfolds through a variety of ministries: serving families in need, early childhood education, pastoral ministry, youth, attending the handicapped, and the elderly, assistance to immigrants and the homeless, Evangelization and personal testimony with our own family life

Our Charisma

is an evangelical project, striving to reflect in our lives the imagen of Christ, who lived among us doing good. .

In this process of identification, we try to follow Christ, who totally abandoned himself in the hands of the Father. He spread the good news of salvation to the poor, became one with us, and ultimately offered his life for us

And this Good news becomes real as we spread the message of Love – reflecting the image of God the Father-Mother of Mercy, serving all people with compassion and open hearts